Progress on the Stretford Cycleway – August 2018

The Stretford Cycleway has been a long time coming, it now seems an age since it was first discussed at the Trafford Cycle Forum. Its origins are from a very different time, prior to Greater Manchester having a mayor or cycling and walking commissioner and Trafford Council changing leadership. Funding was from the old CCAG2 pot, with the financial limitation having quite an impact on the scheme. Continue reading “Progress on the Stretford Cycleway – August 2018”

Bee in the City, public spaces and what Deansgate could be

For those that don’t know, Bee in the City is a sculpture trail taking place across Manchester, summer 2018. It consists of over 100 giant and 130 medium bee sculptures that have each been decorated by different artists. It’s similar to the cow parade that visited Manchester back in 2004 (was it really that long ago?).

Continue reading “Bee in the City, public spaces and what Deansgate could be”

Beelines – Chris Boardman’s plan to deliver a walking and cycling network for Greater Manchester

Following on from the publication of the Made to Move report in December 2017 by Greater Manchester’s walking and cycling commissioner, Chris Boardman. Today (27 June 2017) saw the launch of Chris Boardman’s plan for a 1,000 mile walking and cycling network with an initial 75 miles of fully protected on-road cycle lanes. Continue reading “Beelines – Chris Boardman’s plan to deliver a walking and cycling network for Greater Manchester”

Manchester United free match-day parking – End of season

It’s now the end of the football season and I thought I’d catch up on the match-day parking situation while going for a walk to the quays. As I wrote in my post at the start of the football season, we live close Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and are very familiar with the issues of match-day traffic and parking. Continue reading “Manchester United free match-day parking – End of season”

Manchester Critical Mass – April 2018

April’s Critical Mass was the first I’ve been to since The Fall themed Critical Mass in January. For one reason or another, I’d not made it the past couple of months. With the clocks going forward in March and us moving into spring, April is often the first Critical Mass of the year completely in daylight. Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – April 2018”