Manchester United free match-day parking – End of season

It’s now the end of the football season and I thought I’d catch up on the match-day parking situation while going for a walk to the quays. As I wrote in my post at the start of the football season, we live close Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and are very familiar with the issues of match-day traffic and parking.

So, going back at the end of the season, have we seen any miraculous change of heart from Trafford Council or Greater Manchester Police (GMP)? Are the council enforcing parking restrictions? Are GMP issuing TORs for obstruction?

Need somewhere to park your Jag? Don’t worry, we’ll walk in the road

Nope, nothing’s changed. Same old problem of cars blocking pavements, cycleways, roundabouts, roadworks, you name it. All this to save £5-10 on parking. Judging by some of the cars and ticket prices at Manchester United, something tells me these people can afford £5-10.

So while your precious Jag takes up all the space on the pavement, we’re having to walk in the road with two small children. Yeah, thanks for that. This is all along the signposted walking and cycling route between the Bridgewater Canal and Salford Quays/MediaCityUK.

And it’s the same old story from GMP. Still fobbing us off, saying they can’t do anything and it’s up to the local authority.

Amazing that at the same time GMP are saying that, their colleagues are down the road issuing a TOR for car obstructing a live lane. So there you have it, obstruct the carriageway and the police are interested. Obstruct the footway and the police couldn’t give a damn. Both have double yellows, what’s the difference?

They never did get back to me when I asked if the cars on the pavement in that photo received TORs as well. Funny that.

As we should soon have a Labour-led Trafford Council (partnering with Lib Dems rather than the Greens unfortunately), I hope we can see some action on this next season, and actually see the council enforcing their own parking restrictions.

I also hope we see some action from GM Mayor Andy Burnham’s office on pavement parking. If Chris Boardman’s Made to Move proposals are to be realised, then pavement parking needs to be addressed.

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