Manchester Critical Mass – April 2018

April’s Critical Mass was the first I’ve been to since The Fall themed Critical Mass in January. For one reason or another, I’d not made it the past couple of months. With the clocks going forward in March and us moving into spring, April is often the first Critical Mass of the year completely in daylight.

Admiring a new set of (fat) wheels outside Central Library

While the ride was thankfully dry as the sky cleared for the evening. It seemed that the rain and generally grotty weather earlier in the day kept people away this month. It wasn’t a big turnout and there were no soundsystems, though there was enough to form a mass, which hasn’t always been the case when the weather’s been bad.

Riding into the sun down Peter Street

From St Peter’s Square, we took a right down Peter Street, with the sun glaring down at us. Reaching the lights, we took a left down Deansgate.

Riding along Deansgate

Arriving at Deansgate Station, we took a left up a busy Whitworth Street West, that was backed up with traffic. To avoid a long wait, we went right under the arches and onto Hewitt Street, then did a right and left at the end, to get back onto Whitworth Street West.

We carried on up Whitworth Street West, across Oxford Street and onto Whitworth Street. We carried on up to Sackville Street, where we did a left and then a right onto a relatively quiet Canal Street.

Heading along Canal Street

At the end, we went left onto Minshull Street, which took us up to Portland Street. We only stayed on Portland Street briefly as we took a right onto Charlotte Street and into Chinatown.

On York Street

After doing a loop onto Fountain Street and New York Street, we were back on Portland Street, heading for the Northern Quarter, via Piccadilly.

Passing through Piccadilly

Once in the Northern Quarter, we rode along Newton Street, then left into Stevenson Square and onto Thomas Street. We carried on until we reached High Street, where we did a U-turn across the tram tracks and headed towards Shudehill.

Riding with the trams on High Street

From Shudehill, we headed past the Co-op building and onto The Angel, where we finished. While the numbers weren’t great, it was a bit chilly and we had no soundsystems, it was still a very pleasant and chilled Critical Mass (apart from the odd impatient driver).

Heading past the Co-op building

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