Manchester Critical Mass – August 2017

Well, for one reason or another, August was the first Critical Mass I’d been on since April. Unlike last month, we were greeted with reasonable, but not brilliant weather. Though still miles better than July’s downpour.

Just before we get into the photos. Next month it’s the 25th anniversary of the first Critical Mass in San Francisco. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the summer of love, so there’s a theme. I’ve got a feeling I can’t make it, which is a shame, as I was looking forward to donning a kaftan and putting some flowers in my hair.

CM82017 - 6
Meeting up in St Peter’s Square

We left St Peter’s Square and set off in the direction of Oxford Road. Though it became clear we wouldn’t be getting anywhere soon, due to the traffic. So we quickly did an about turn and headed down Peter Street.

CM82017 - 19
Leaving St Peter’s Square

At the bottom of Peter Street, we did a left turn onto Deansgate and carried on up until we reached Great Bridgewater Street. Here we took a left and made some noise in the tunnel under Manchester Central as usual.

CM82017 - 32
On Deansgate

We carried on straight at the lights and kept going until we reached Oxford Road. There, we carried on straight again and onto Portland Street. We rode along there until we reached the Princess Street turning, where we headed right.

CM82017 - 61
On Portland Street

Once on Princess Street, we carried on until we got to Whitworth Street, where we took a right and headed for Oxford Road. We did a left and briefly rode along Oxford Road, before taking a right onto New Wakefield Street.

CM82017 - 68
On Princess Street

At the end of New Wakefield Street, we went right under Oxford Road Station, and came out onto Whitworth Street West at The Ritz. We went left hear and headed back towards Deansgate.

CM82017 - 92
Passing The Ritz

Once at Deansgate, we did a right and left onto Liverpool Street. We took a right at the Museum of Science and Industry onto Lower Byrom Street, carrying on left onto Quay Street.

CM82017 - 127
Heading towards the Museum of Science and Industry

We passed the old Granada Studios and went right into Spinningfields along Gartside Street. We carried on until we reached Bridge Street, where we went right and headed back to Deansgate.

CM82017 - 145
Leaving Spinningfields

We took a left onto Deansgate and headed for the Cathedral. We took a right after the Cathedral, went past the Corn Exchange and onto Withy Grove. We carried on up Withy Grove before taking a left onto Dantzic Street.

CM82017 - 177
Back on Deansgate

Once on Dantzic Street, we headed past the Co-op buildings, crossing Miller Street. Passing the Co-op’s 1 Angel Square building, we headed into Angel Meadow, where the ride ended.

CM82017 - 202
Arriving at Angel Meadow

And that was August Critical Mass done.

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