Manchester Critical Mass – March 2017

Lighter evenings, warmer temperatures, good turnout and (other) Dom’s 40th. What’s not to like about March’s Critical Mass? Not much time this month though, so I’ll keep it brief.

P1200733 (1600x1201)
Heading for New York Street

It’s the mayoral election soon, and as we’ve seen happen in London, the new mayor will have a big say on what happens about cycling in Greater Manchester. So have a look to see what the candidates have to say. Have a look at my top 10 wish list for the new mayor and make sure you’re registered to vote.

P1200820 (1600x1201)
Heading past the cathedral

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign are organising a Big Ride for the election on Saturday 29th April, the day after the next Critical Mass. It will be starting in Platt Fields, heading into the city centre and will be family-friendly. Try and make it along and make sure your voice is heard!

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign have uploaded a good video of Critical Mass passing the new cycle counter on Oxford Road. I counted 66 going through, whereas the the counter went up 36, so it’s not counting everyone. Looks like it needs some tweaking.

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