Manchester Critical Mass – November 2016

In stark contrast to November Critical Mass last year, it was a lovely dry evening, if a little cold. There was a reasonable turnout for November, nothing compared to October, but that’s to be expected.

We headed out of St Peter’s Square down Princess Street, immediately hitting traffic. We took a left into Chinatown to avoid the queues, then right onto New York Street. From there, we waited at the lights a little, before turning left onto Portland Street.

Leaving St Peter’s Square

We avoided the buses at Piccadilly, and carried on onto Newton Street and headed into the Northern Quarter. We passed through Stevenson Square and went straight onto Thomas Street.

Stevenson Square

At the end of Thomas Street, we went left onto High Street, and left again onto Church Street. We completed a loop of the Northern Quarter by returning to Newton Street and heading down the opposite way on Portland Street.

Back on Portland Street

We turned onto Chorlton Street and headed down Canal Street, with its rather fetching Christmas lights. At the end of Canal Street, we went right onto Princess Street, where we carried on down and took a right onto Charles Street.

Christmas lights on Canal Street

At the lights, we turned onto Oxford Road and headed out of town. We took a right onto Rosamond Street West to avoid the roadworks further down. We carried on onto Higher Cambridge Street until we reached Manchester Science Park.

On Rosamond Street West

Once at Manchester Science Park, the ride ended at the Old Abbey Taphouse, where we received a warm welcome again.

Heading to the Old Abbey Taphouse


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