Manchester Critical Mass – October 2016

Halloween Critical Mass is always a special one, with big turnouts and people making the effort to dress up or decorate their bikes. This year’s Halloween Critical Mass didn’t disappoint. There was a really good turnout, lots of music and a great atmosphere from the start.

Lots of people had gone to great effort to get dressed up and there were some great outfits. I’d gone for a fetching Donald Trump outfit that was surprisingly popular and surprisingly difficult to ride in. Remind me next year not to wear a mask.

Costumes at the ready outside Central Library

We set off a little later than normal, heading down Peter Street towards Deansgate. We took a right onto Deansgate and carried on until we reached Blackfriars, where we did a left turn.

Heading along Deansgate

We crossed over into Salford and rode along Chapel Street. We took a left onto Bridge Street, past Salford Central Station.

At Salford Central Station

Back over the Irwell and in Manchester, we did a right turn into Spinningfields along Gartside Street.

Heading up Bridge Street

At the end of Gartside Street, we went left onto Quay Street and headed back to Deansgate.

Coming out of Spinningfields, onto Quay Street

Back on Deansgate, we headed right up to Albert Square and towards Cross Street. We carefully rode down Cross Street, trying to avoid the tram tracks. I could have really done without the mask at this point!

In Albert Square
Avoiding the tram tracks on Cross Street

We passed Exchange Square and took a right towards Withy Grove and Shudehill, heading right onto High Street.

Passing Exchange Square Metrolink stop

We briefly passed through the Northern Quarter along Church Street and Dale Street heading for Piccadilly Station.

Riding along Church Street

We got onto London Road and caught up in some traffic, before taking a right onto Whitworth Street. We carried on down Whitworth Street and left onto Princess Street, heading out of Manchester.

Heading out of Manchester on Princess Street

We carried on to Upper Brook Street, riding past the hospitals and taking a right onto Booth Streets East and West, crossing the currently closed Oxford Road.

Longboarding Jesus on Higher Cambridge Street

We took a right onto Higher Cambridge Street and into Manchester Science Park, finishing at the Old Abbey Taphouse. The Spokes then put on a really fantastic show, despite one or two technical issues.

The Spokes putting on a fantastic show

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