Manchester Critical Mass – July 2016


It was another of those Critical Masses where we were fortunate enough for the sun to come out after what had been a bit of a drab day. Numbers were a bit low this month, probably a combination of students going and the weather earlier in the day.

DSC_0450 (1600x900)
Heading for Albert Square along Lloyd Street

We headed out of St Peter’s Square down Lloyd Street, towards Deansgate. Once on Deansgate, we took a right, then headed down Bridge Street. We crossed into Salford very briefly and rode along the left bank of the River Irwell, passing a few revellers.

DSC_0485 (1600x900)
Crossing over the Irwell

We headed back to Manchester on Liverpool Street, across Deansgate and onto Great Bridgewater Street, under the old train tunnels. From there, we did a right and a left onto Whitworth Street West, then a left and a right onto Canal Street. Here, we rode past more revellers making the most of a sunny evening.

DSC_0544 (1600x900)
Riding along Canal Street

We arrived at Aytoun Street where we had to negotiate the Metrolink tracks and trams, not so easy for everyone, due to the kerbs and tracks. The ride then went up to Piccadilly, taking a right onto Portland Street before heading into the Northern Quarter.

DSC_0565 (1600x900)
Turning onto Portland Street

In the Northern Quarter, we went through Stevenson Square and down Tomas Street. The ride then looped onto Church Street via High Street and took a right onto Oldham Street to arrive at Piccadilly again.

DSC_0650 (1600x900)
Waiting on Portland Street

We left Piccadilly along Portland Street and went left onto Princess Street. From there, it was right onto Whitworth Street and across Oxford Road, taking a left under the train bridges near The Ritz. We then headed onto Oxford Road and carried on until we reached Central Library, where we started.

DSC_0670 (1600x900)
Turning on to Hulme Street

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