Manchester Critical Mass – April 2016

No Critical Mass on a bank holiday like in March, but it did fall on a bank holiday weekend. That and the fact that we had snow earlier in the day probably affected the numbers a little. The turnout was reasonable though and the weather definitely brightened up. So although it was a little on the cold side, we did see a bit of sun. An added bonus for the first critical mass of year in daylight.

We headed out through Albert Square as usual, trying to avoid the roadworks. We then took a right up Princess Street, then onto Clarence Street. From there, we headed for High Street and past the Arndale. We took a right onto Church Street and into the Northern Quarter, where we looped through and headed over to Shudehill, Exchange Square and onto Deansgate.

We carried on along Deansgate, until we got to Great Bridgewater Street, where we took a left, passing in the tunnel under Manchester Central. We then carried on onto Portland Street and back into the Northern Quarter. After another tour of the Northern Quarter, we headed past the Cooperative buildings at NOMA and Angel Meadow to arrive at Blackjack Beers, where we finished.

All in all, a very pleasant Critical Mass. Not the biggest turnout or the best atmosphere, but still a really nice ride through Manchester. This was helped by the route being pretty good and the roads not being that clogged, so we didn’t spend too long stuck traffic.


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