Manchester Critical Mass – January 2016

Good turnout for Critical Mass this month, and we were fortunate with the weather. There was a bit of rain earlier, but dry after that. Given the storms earlier in the day, we did pretty well.

The ride headed down Peter Street, and across Deansgate and onto Quay Street. From there, we headed around St John’s and onto Deansgate. We carried along Deansgate and took a right on Lloyd Street, to end up at Albert Square.

After Albert Square, we headed down Clarence Street to the Northern Quarter. We did a bit of a tour of the Northern Quarter, before heading down London Road, trying to find a way onto Whitworth Street. We managed this across the tram tracks on Aytoun Street and down Canal Street and Princess Street.

On Whitworth Street, we headed across Oxford Street and down Whitworth Street West, before doing a left turn to end up at HOME.

All in all, a nice relaxing Critical Mass. Good weather, roads were probably a bit less horrible than they have been, and a pretty good turnout.

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