Manchester Critical Mass – June 2015

The signs weren’t good for this month’s critical mass, heavy downpours a hour or so before the start. Fortune smiled though and the sun began the shine as we were waiting in St Peter’s Square. Today was my eldest’s first experience of a critical mass (on the back of my bike), so I was hoping for a good one.

We set off down Lloyd Street and into the traffic in Albert Square and into the traffic. The traffic continued as we headed up Princess Street, until we headed off into Chinatown. After enjoying a bit of time away from the traffic, we then got stuck on York Street, waiting for busses to get out of the way of the lights. This took a while.

Once on Portland Street, we headed for the Northern Quarter, again enjoying the relative quietness of the streets. Out of the Northern Quarter, it was down High Street, avoiding getting stuck on the tram lines, speeding down Shudehill and avoiding the new tram lines on Corporation Street.

After a brief ride past Victoria Station, we headed past the Cathedral, up Deansgate and right into Spinningfields. Coming out of Spinningfields, the ride headed down Bridge Street, past Salford Central and onto The King’s Arms, where the ride ended.

Overall, a pleasant ride in a rare bit of sunshine. The ride felt a bit chilled and a bit spaced out at times. It also felt like we were missing a soundsystem or two. Though everyone was super friendly, especially to my eldest and it was great to see someone on a bakfiets, carrying a sleeping baby. Though I’m not sure about being  mistaken for someone who was who was on the naked bike ride. There’s some things the world doesn’t need to see!



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